Testimonials and comments from some of my clients


Hay Fever and Weight Loss Success, Sweet Cravings Diminished

"I have been suffering from hay fever for the last 8 or 9 years, each year getting a little worse. I would lose my senses of smell and taste, even some hearing, and be constantly sneezing and blowing my nose. I would have a scratching sensation in my throat, my eyes would be red and running and the skin around my eyes would be red, itchy and flaking. Some of the symptoms would be there all year round, but each March, there would be a marked increase. This happened again this year, and I began to take antihistamine tablets and nasal spray, as usual.

In April, I had my first NAET treatment. I was fairly sceptical, but I was prepared to give it a chance. I felt an improvement immediately after the initial 25 hours, indeed I had much more energy and felt more awake. I stopped taking my medication and with the continued NAET treatments, have not had to take anything since, even in June, usually the worst month for me! I do still sneeze occasionally, but my senses of smell and taste are returning, my energy levels are higher and I seem to be thinking more clearly. I feel happier and more communicative. The dry, itchy skin around my eyes has cleared up. Also, as a bonus, several people have commented that I have lost a couple of pounds, although this was not something I was aiming for. I have realised that I do not crave sweet things as much as I used to and I have improved my eating routines with Barbara's expert guidance." (Joe T. from Ipswich)

ME And Candida Sufferer: Improved Energy and Stamina, Less Digestive Upset

"I was diagnosed with M.E. in 1988, ten months after I had to stop work. Since 1991 I have had homeopathic treatment, which has helped my recovery considerably, but I have always had to manage my energy levels and balance activity and rest. If I became overtired my muscles would ache, my legs would feel very heavy and walking would be slow and need effort. Also in the last few years my diet has become more and more resticted, as I have become sensitive to a number of foods.

When I heard of NAET, I decided to see if my diet could be expanded and more variety introduced. After just a few treatments I had more energy and a greater feeling of well-being than I have had for the last year. My muscles were less tight and I could walk much more freely, even when tired. Then a few weeks later, needing to hurry, I found I could actually run, my legs moving lightly and easily. I have also been able to re-introduce some foods that caused me problems in the past back into my diet." (Ann, 69, Suffolk)

Comment from Barbara Wicks: This testimonial was written by Ann at the beginning of November 2007. I continue to work with her and hope to be able to report further improvements to her health as time goes on.

Vegetarian, Eczema Sufferer: Marked Improvement of Skin Condition, Energy and Weight Loss

"I have suffered from eczema on my hands since I was very young and had really just considered it 'one of those things' but when I met with Barbara to get advice on improving my vegetarian diet I mentioned the eczema 'just in case'.

Having completed a diagnosis of which food group may have been causing the problem I decided to have a go at the NAET treatments despite being fairly sceptical of what does initially appear to be a very vaque treatment. Of course, I have been forced to eat my words because my hands have never been better. I have dispensed with all the traditional steroid creams - which never made a difference anyway - and this is the first time for probably ten years when my skin has not been split or cracked somewhere.

And the vegetarian diet has never been better either. I have introduced a few different foods and dispensed with the bad ones and as a result have a lot more energy, better complexion, and even lost some weight. A success all round." (Heather, Ipswich)

4-year-old Boy Eats, Sleeps, Feels and Behaves Better After NAET

"My 4-year-old son has always been a fussy eater, had sleeping problems and quite a low immune system. As a baby he suffered eczema and various digestive upsets. Subsequent allergy tests revealed him to be milk-sensitive, so he was put on a dairy-free diet as an attempt to correct this. He also had other food intolerances (although the actual culprit foods were never pinpointed before), with some foods causing digestive upsets and constipation. His behaviour was causing us concern too, as he was not communicating well enough for his age, showing a delayed speed development, concentration problems, temper tantrums and what appeared to be inability to follow instructions.

We started NAET treatments without any particular goal in mind, mainly to see if there can be at least some improvement in any of the problems he was experiencing. Because of his age, treatments were administered via a surrogate (my daughter). Within a relatively short time there was a visible difference in his sleeping patterns, bowel movements, appetite and general health, although there were still some areas that needed addressing.

After about 6 or 7 treatments, his behaviour started changing as  well. He became less agitated, more co-operative and generally a happier child. This was also noticed  by his nursery teachers, who remarked about the positive changes in his behaviour within the last 2 months - incidentally the period in which he started receiving NAET- without having any prior knowledge about him undergoing treatment.  We took a break from treatments during the summer holidays, but the improvements continued. In summer my son's speech and general communication skills started developing quite rapidly and he was definitely easier to look after than before. Going out as a family before NAET was really hard work, as he would always run away, be naughty and often have tantrums, but it seems so much easier these days.

I  am really pleased that we found out about NAET and continue to work with Barbara to bring further improvements to my son's health " (Mrs. L., Ipswich)


Rheumatoid Arthritis Sufferer Sleeps Better After Treatments

"I am a sufferer of Rheumatoid Arthritis and have had ongoing sleeping problems as a result of pain in my joints. After just one treatment I slept better and woke up feeling more refreshed than usual. Following treatments had the same beneficial effect." (Liz Lovett, 58, Ipswich)

Thyroiditis Sufferer Recovers Quickly With AIRNERGY and Some Nutritional Therapy

"Airnergy, along with some nutritional advice, turned around a very difficult period when I was diagnosed with an infection of the thyroid gland. For four weeks I had no energy and would start to feel shaky and weak towards the end of each day to the point where I had no option but to go to bed. After four or five sessions my energy levels just bounced back and I knew I was on the road to recovery. The treatment was highly effective and I would have no hesitation in recommending it to others" (Joy V. H. from Ipswich)

Wheezing Helped by AIRNERGY and Fussy Eating Teenager's Diet Sorted with Right Nutrition

"Barbara Wicks' Airnergy machine is great! I found it was soothing and helped to relax my breathing when I was feeling wheezy. She also helped my son over his fussy eating through her nutrition programme and as  a result has influenced all the family's eating habits" (Mr R. from Ipswich)

Nutritional Therapy:

Chronic Digestive Problems and General Health Improved with Right Diet and Supplements

"I had been watching my diet and taking reputable supplements for over ten years which, although helpful, had been a bit of a hit and miss affair. Having the expertise of a qualified nutritionalist made a big difference. Barbara takes a very holistic and personal approach to nutrition. As well as receiving invaluable help and advice about my day to day eating routines, I was also given a very precise programme of vitamins and minerals which exactly suited my particular needs. My general health improved significantly and also the programme Barbara prescribed for me solved some long standing digestive problems within weeks. Barbara's follow-up and general health advice is excellent and I continue to be in touch with her for ongoing help and support." (Kay, 74, London)